We are the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) of a public elementary school located in the heart of Vancouver, BC.

The Direct Donation Campaign was a huge success! We raised $9,027 of our $10,000 goal!! We had over 100 families donate which is the largest participation in recent memory. Thank you to all the families that supported the fundraiser. A cheque has been given to the school, and the laptops will soon be ordered.


PAC Hot Lunch Fundraiser

Please place all of your orders for Term 1 by December 11. Term 1 ordering will be closed after December 11. Term 2 ordering will be starting December 15. Please access the MunchaLunch system to place your order. See our Hot Lunch page for more information and forms of payment.

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PAC Meetings

The next PAC Meeting is January 17, 2018.

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