Welcome to école Hudson!

Hudson is a dual track French Immersion school. This means that it has both a k-7 English stream and a Early (k-7) French Immersion stream within the school.

Early French Immersion is a very popular programme.  Due to that, there are usually more applicants than space available so a draw usually takes place and a numbered waitlist created.

For information on how to apply for French Immersion, please check out the VSB website.


At Hudson, there are two entry points for Early French Immersion. You can apply to start in Kindergarten, and you can apply to start in Grade 1.

Kindergarten French Immersion Entry:

We have one French Immersion Kindergarten class. Families are notified by the school as to whether they are in the class or on the waitlist. Students who are on the waitlist will be notified and called if a place opens up. That phone call can come prior to the beginning of the year or at any point during the Kindergarten year. For general information on Kindergarten at Hudson click here.

Grade 1 French Immersion Entry:

If you do not get in to French Immersion for Kindergarten, but would still like to be part of the programme. You can re-apply during the kindergarten year for your child to join the programme in Grade 1.

The number of spaces that come available for Grade 1 French Immersion fluctuates each year, usually it is in the range of ‘a handful’.  Some years that is a bigger handful, other years a very small handful.

Hudson is a school at capacity, the staff work very hard to try to fit all in-catchment students in to the school. (The school is currently closed to out of catchment students for both English and French streams) Most classes in the school are split grade classes, which helps staff efficiently fit students in to the school, but also has other benefits http://www.vsb.bc.ca/combined-split-classes  Due to fluctuations of the population throughout the summer staff typically cannot confirm whether any child will have space in the Grade 1 French programme until the first week of September. We appreciate that this involves a lot of waiting on the part of the family. Please bear with the school, they work very hard to fit as many kids in as they can.

If you do not get a space at the beginning of September, you remain on the list. You may still receive that phone call in the weeks or months following throughout the Grade 1 year.

If Early French Immersion does not work out for you, remember, there is also the Late French Immersion Programme for children in grades 6-7. Our local programme is located at General Gordon Elementary, more information can be found on the VSB website.

For more information on the French Immersion Programme in general, please check out Canadian Parents for French http://bc-yk.cpf.ca/