Welcome to Henry Hudson Hot Lunch Fundraiser 2017/18

Simply go to https://munchalunch.com/schools/henryhudson Returning families still have their login from last year.

Hudson Hot Lunch is our PAC/school’s main Fundraiser. Other than our supplementary Direct Donation campaign, the Hot Lunch program is the only source of funding for all the wonderful programs, initiatives and events with which we are able to enhance our children’s school experience.

PAC Hot Lunch Payment Methods


Please bring the cash in an envelope to the School Office with your name and child(ren)’s name on it. Exact change please! Even if you want to order for the whole term, you can pay in installments such as once a month. Just drop a line to Hot Lunch Coordinator to let us know! Just complete each term’s payments by end each term please. Please indicate your child’s full name and division on envelope.


Please make out the cheque to Hudson PAC and note that it is for Hot Lunch. For those needing to stagger the payments, you may provide post-dated cheques. All payments for the term must be complete by the end of each term. Please make sure each cheque indicates your child(ren)’s full name and Division.


  • When you go to your online banking: add a recipient, make it Hudson PAC with the email hudsonpac@gmail.com
  • Make sure to send transfers by email and not mobile phone.
  • Set up the Security question as follows: What school does your child go to? Answer: Hudson
  • When you send the payment, please make sure to put “Hot Lunch”, the Munchalunch order number, and your child’s FULL name in the Message area. e.g. “Hot Lunch order#1234 for Joe Smith”


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SPONSORSHIPS If you require sponsorship or subsidy for Hot Lunch or any program, please contact Principal Cannon. All requests and arrangements are 100% confidential.

Questions / want to volunteer: Contact Hot Lunch Coordinator Marina Bondarenko. 604.908.7855 musea79@hotmail.com