In 2014, the City of Vancouver realigned York St., Cypress St. and Cornwall Ave to allow for bike lanes and to slow down the flow around the Cornwall/Burrard intersection. This change York St. to one-way and changed the parking.

Please review these traffic and parking notes to make sure your child’s trip to school is a safe one.

Drop Off Regulations

  • You can idle the car for 3 minutes in DROP-OFF and you can park in a no parking spot for 5 minutes (grace period) and no stopping is 100% no stopping. The accepted agreement is (as written on the signs on the fence) from 8:45 to 9 AM the Drop Off zone is only DROP OFF but, west of the ramp, you can park for 5 minutes.
  • DO NOT at any time use the Teacher/Staff parking lot for drop off or pick up. The space is narrow and someone will get hurt.


To avoid the line up of cars at 8:45 AM – 9:00 AM, we recommend parents try to come a little earlier for drop-off for older children who are able to play by themselves in the playground before school.

Alternatives to Using The Drop-Off Zone

  • All City of Vancouver metered parking spots are FREE before 9 AM. So, plan to come a few minutes earlier, and use on of the free, metered spots in the neighbourhood, and walk a block to school. The bell goes at 8:55 AM, which gives you enough time to get back to your vehicle before the meter starts running!
  • Carpooling for Drop-Off is a great way to reduce congestion and morning rush for all families. If there are families near you bringing kids to Hudson, why not take turns?
  • Hudson is conveniently located on the 2 and 22 Bus lines that run along Cornwall, and also close to numerous lines running along 4th Avenue.
  • We have a great new bike lane right at Hudson’s front door on York Avenue! It’s wonderful to see more and more Hudson families come to school on their bikes!

A Few Remarks from City Of Vancouver Traffic Police Officers

  • City of Vancouver will respond to complaints regarding vehicles violating the 5 minute parking regulation, and vehicles parked in the DROP OFF zone.
  • If you have a concern or continually witness vehicles violating School Zone parking/Drop Off regulations, call 311. A traffic police officer will attend the location within the next day or two and carefully monitor the DROP OFF situation and hand out tickets accordingly.
  • City of Vancouver Traffic Police are especially concerned about traffic safety in School Zones. They are 100% inflexible regarding double parking, unsafe parking, and unsafe driving in School Zones and will ticket violators accordingly.
    • School Closures

      Information regarding school closures in the event of snow, or other emergency situations, will be provided to the radio and television stations by 6:00 a.m. on the morning of the closure. Please check the VSB website at, on social media channels (twitter and Facebook) and/or the following local media stations, including:

      • CKNW (980 AM)
      • CBC (690 AM, 105.7 FM)
      • CJVB (1470 AM)
      • CFHG (96.1FM)
      • CKWX (1130 AM)
      • BCTV/Global (Cable channel 11)
      • CITY TV (Cable channel 13).

      School closure information is also available online at Please do not call media outlets to determine whether schools are closed.