Do you have a great idea for an extra-curricular activity at Hudson?

Great! We love ideas!

There are TWO ways that you can turn your idea into something:

  1. Email the activities coordinator at and make a suggestion. We are open to general ideas i.e: “More arts programming”, Specific Ideas i.e: “Please bring back coding”, or new ideas i.e: “Wouldn’t an Astronomy club be an amazing idea?!?”
  2. If you would like to pitch an idea that you would like to run or, if you want to coordinate your idea please follow the following simple steps:
    1. Send an email to the activities coordinator at It doesn’t have to be long and detailed. Outline your idea and wait for confirmation that the PAC and the school will support your idea.
    2. If we give you the green light, go ahead and work out the details. You will provide the details by filling in this google form. you can edit this file if it takes you a while to get all the information.
    3. Find out what the new activity deadline is for the next term. It is posted at This is the date that all the details need to be with the activities coordinator. If you miss this date, we will look at running the programme one term later if appropriate.

There are a couple of things to know before you dive in with the details:


All programmes are covered by the school insurance. Even those which take children off site. Off site programmes require parents to sign a waiver. We will send you one to modify.

Criminal Record Checks:

All adults coming into contact with children MUST have a valid (no older than 3 years old) criminal record check. Forms can be found here

Programmes taking children off site:

  • We need a ratio of no less than 1:10 adults to children. Ideally more like 1:7.
  • An adult needs to be available to accompany children to the washroom off site. If there is no adult to enter the washrooms with the child, two children must enter the washroom with an adult waiting outside. (e.g. Send two boys into the men’s washroom with a female waiting outside.)
  • Recently the Parks Board has been clamping down on static programmes using park space and taking away from others. (e.g. personal training and yoga classes.) To regulate this, programmes need to obtain a city permit. Programmes that do NOT require a permit are those which do not take up space on a regular basis. (e.g: Nature walks on Kits beach do not stop anyone using that space, but it could be argued that running a soccer programme on the grass in the same space every week does.)