Our bylaws are out-of-date.  There is a committee working on updating them and bringing new ideas.

If you are interested in helping us with this, please contact the Bylaws Committee through hudsonpac@gmail.com or come to a PAC meeting to get an update and contribute your ideas.

Click this link to see our active Constitution​ and Bylaws!


The purposes of the Henry Hudson P.A.C. are as follows:

  1. To enhance the education of the students at Henry Hudson Elementary School by including, without limitation, improving communication between parents and staff at the School and providing support, financial and otherwise, for School programs and equipment;
  2. To facilitate communications between parents and School staff by providing, amongst other methods, opportunities for members to meet one another and the School’s staff at social functions;
  3. To raise funds through fundraising programs to subsidize events and make purchases including, but not limited to:
    1. additional equipment and materials for the School;
    2. athletic and Sports Day awards;
    3. cultural enrichment programs;
    4. field trips; and
    5. computers and supporting hardware and software;
  4. To co-ordinate volunteers for the School as requested by the staff; and
  5. To support community initiatives relevant to the School community, such as the Block Parent program and others;
  6. To act as a liaison between parents and School staff; and
  7. To promote safety and health for all students at the School;
  8. To act as a liaison between parents and the Vancouver School Board District Advisory Council.

Originals as found November 12th, 2013: